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Legendary Voyages Offer Longer Cruises via Holland America Line

Image Courtesy of Holland America Line

Holland America Line is meeting travelers’ interest in longer cruises with Legendary Voyages, region-centric trips which last 25-59 days. These journeys to rare and renowned locations will allow guests to connect more intimately with their destinations through special onboard experiences and overnight stays in top-rated ports. 

“Based on the popularity of our 2024 Ultimate Mediterranean cruise, it’s clear that guests are eager for more in-depth exploration of the region,” said Beth Bodensteiner, chief commercial officer for Holland America Line. “Being able to offer this cruise roundtrip from New York City in 2025 creates a rare opportunity for people in North America to enjoy the Med and our award-winning service without a long flight.”

Holland America Line will offer four new Legendary Voyages in 2025 and 2026. On October 7, 2025, the 45-day “Ultimate Mediterranean & Atlantic Passage” will take place aboard Volendam. This Legendary Voyage will sail roundtrip from New York and span the Mediterranean. Its route is inspired by a voyage operated by the line 100 years ago. In total, twenty ports will be visited, including Portugal, Spain, U.K., Italy, Tunisia, Malta, Greece, Turkey and Egypt. Overnights will take place in Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy; Istanbul, Turkey; and Alexandria (Cairo), Egypt. Guests will enjoy late departures from Gibraltar, U.K.; Barcelona, Spain; Istanbul and Alexandria.

On October 12, 2025, the 27-Day “South Pacific Crossing” Legendary Cruise will embark aboard Noordam. This cruise sails from Seattle, Washington to Sydney, Australia. It will visit nine ports across the Pacific Ocean, including four in Fiji. An overnight and late departure from Honolulu, Hawaii will allow guests extra time to take the the city’s cuisine and culture. 

Legendary Cruise Routes courtesy of Holland America Line

On January 4, 2026, guests aboard the Noordam will experience a 28-day “Islands of the South Pacific” Legendary Voyage. The ship will sail from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand and visit twenty ports across seven countries. While in Australia, guests will have the opportunity to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef. Additionally, the ship will visit the Conflict Islands, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga, before making three calls in New Zealand. 

On March 15, 2026, the 36-Day “South Pacific Crossing” Legendary Voyage will board the Noordam in Sydney and sail to Seattle. The ship will explore seventeen ports along its journey, including New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Tahiti, the Cook Islands and Hawaii. Overnight stays will take place in Papeete, Tahiti and Honolulu, Hawaii. Late departures from Honolulu and Kona, Hawaii will allow guests more time to soak in the sun. 

In addition to these newly announced Legendary Voyages, there are eight previously announced Legendary Voyages. They are:

28-Day ‘Alaska Arctic Circle Solstice’ Legendary Voyage

28-Day ‘Arctic Circle Crossing: Greenland and Iceland’ Legendary Voyage

25-Day ‘Canada, New England, Greenland and Iceland’ Legendary Voyage

35-Day ‘Voyage of the Vikings’ Legendary Voyage

28-Day ‘Glaciers & Volcanoes: Alaska to Hawaii’ Legendary Voyage

56-Day ‘Tales of the South Pacific’ Legendary Voyage

30-Day ‘Amazon Explorer’ Legendary Voyage

35-Day ‘Hawaii, Tahiti & Marquesas’ Legendary Voyage

For a limited time, when guests book the four new Legendary Voyages with the Have It All premium package, they will receive the standard package amenities of shore excursions, specialty dining, a Signature Beverage Package and Surf WiFi. They will also receive the added perk of free prepaid Crew Appreciation and free upgrades to the Elite Beverage Package and Premium WiFi.   For more information about Holland America Line, call 1-877-SAIL HAL (877-724-5425) or visit

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