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Relax the mind and body at Strom Spa in Quebec City

Photo Credit: Amy Harris/The Travel Addict

For the past few years when I visit Quebec City for Festival d’été de Québec, I always take a day off and visit Strom Spa located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

During the festival, my days are free until I have to take photos in the late afternoon and evening. On one of the festival days I get up early in the morning and head to the Nordic Strom Spa for a facial or massage and spend time in the water baths for several hours.

It is unlike any spa experience I have ever had.

The spa specializes in a thermotherapy experience. Thermotherapy is a wellness ritual based on the external use of water for therapeutic purposes. It alternated between hot and cold temperatures followed by a period of deep relaxation. This type of therapy can help to reduce stress and revive the body and mind.

Thermotherapy benefits can include improvement of the cardiovascular system by promoting the circulation and therefore helps to treat conditions such as rheumatism and chronic pain.

Exposure to the thermal experience on a regular basis can also improve lung capacity. Professional athletes often alternate between hot and cold-water experiences for muscle recovery as well.

Photo Credit: Amy Harris/The Travel Addict

My favorite experiences at the Quebec City location of the spa include floating through the lazy river which is kept at 98 degrees. There is a crisp breeze flowing from the outside air. You can also enjoy a rest break on one of the hammocks onsite with beautiful views of the river.

Heated relaxation rooms and saunas are also available throughout the experience.

This year I also enjoyed a light lunch with a friend while at the spa. There is a restaurant onsite with a menu that changes with the seasons. They have an eco-responsible selection of food items that focuses on quality versus quantity. I enjoyed a cheese platter as an afternoon treat.

Other Strom spa locations in Canada include: Sherbrooke, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, and Nun’s Island.

The spa is all year round, rain or shine. If you are in Quebec City, I highly recommend booking early so you can take advantage of this amazing experience.

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